Chevrolet Corvette C8: the new 'Vette mid-engine hunted with your new body


New Chevrolet Corvette C8.

These new images that come to us from the united States show us the most advanced unit to date of the new generation of the Chevrolet Corvette, which will feature the long-awaited configuration of the central engine. In these photographs, we can see that we are already with a copy that has the body short of the model, which means that the project has moved on to a new stage of its development.

The new Chevrolet Corvette C8 mid-engine officially does not exist, until the moment has not commented a single word on an official level or even the confirmation of the project. However, the various spy photos that we have shown over the last year leave it clear that the project not only exists, but that its development progress at a good pace, according to the evolution of the various mules that we have seen throughout this time.

The images were taken from a distant overhead perspective, so we can’t delve too much in details, but it does have a good view of the lines and general forms of the new body and in addition from various angles, despite the fact that the model has a lot of camouflage and engineers, the realization of the photographers ran to cover with a tarp the model, something that we had not seen until now.


The exemplary features more camouflage than ever before.

the Basis of their new forms, we can see how the body lines have softened considerably with respect to the first mules came into view, which we can see especially in the central area of the top, where we see the low height of the ceiling and the pillars, which descend in gentle fall towards the huge behind. The front is still quite small in comparison, but not everything in short that could be given the configuration of the central engine. This is due above all to the intentions of the brand do not deviate too much from the classic image of the Corvette, that even with all that camouflage is still present.

In regard to the potential reliefs your body the camouflage does not allow us to see anything, but the volumes overall are very visible, the line of the model rises as we get closer and closer to the rear, creating a silhouette very sharp, and culminating in a behind a very rotund and solid, which inevitably reminds us of the ways of past generations of the ‘Vette, though in a somewhat more exaggerated.

In terms of its technical scheme, in the last few months we have seen a whole parade of rumors and speculation, so we can’t be sure of anything at the moment. It is believed that the Corvette C8 will be based on a new frame that will have composite materials and released a new V8 double overhead camshaft, an entire novelty in the Corvette range, in addition to a new hybrid version, but until now, all of the technical details remain a mystery.


His arrival is closer than we think.

This new generation should be presented next year and the start of production would be planned for the beginning of 2019, so that later we will know at the Detroit motor show in 2019, although it is said that it could be unveiled as soon as the next year, in Detroit 2018. So their marketing will be good insurance in 2019.

This will not mean the cessation of the production of the current Corvette, as we are still awaiting the presentation of the new C7 ZR1, which is rumored that could take place this same weekend. After the arrival of the new C8, the C7 Corvette front motor would continue in the market, sharing the dealer with the new model of the central engine, at least until the year 2021.