Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray: hunted the first prototype for testing an electrical system


Front more aggressive for the new ZR1, that seems to hide more secrets.

If yesterday you were showing the first images of the Corvette ZR1 2018 with his new front bare, thanks to that he had already lost part of the thick camouflage that has been kept hidden these last few months, less than 24 hours later, the same prototype surprise us again thanks to a detail that we overlooked initially.

The latest spy photos that we have been able to obtain of which we believe is the future ZR1 2018 were taken from the air, which allowed not only to get closer to a unit devoid of the usual camouflage, but appreciate the prototype from new perspectives. Exposing areas that normally remain hidden to our photographers, who often perform their work to the ground.

In one of these images can be clearly seen as the gap behind is full of mechanisms, peeping under lying down bezel back what seems to be battery pack full of cables.


The image is enigmatic how simple mechanisms or batteries?

After careful consideration, we cannot state categorically that what peeks through the rear glass is a pack of batteries, but since then it seems. So if confirmed, we could infer that at least Chevrolet is already testing with these mules of any type of electrical system.

In the united States, where they are doing testing of all the prototypes of the Corvette, there were already statements from some witnesses who claimed that moving these mules test emitted a sound similar to a fan, adding that in the stand, the drivers and engineers took a lot of trouble for hide the rear window and do not allow photos in that area of the vehicle.

The 16 of December of 2015 Chevrolet registered the name Corvette E-Ray, which seemed to suggest the possible emergence of a Corvette or electric equipped with a hybrid system. This is the first occasion, we know, that Chevy has been hunted by testing a system of this type in a Corvette.


Should be presented in January 2017.

In theory, the model of the photographs will be presented in January 2017 under the name of Corvette ZR1 at the Detroit motor show, wearing a new V8 supercharged with a power of between 700 and 750 horsepower. If that model will be some kind of hybrid system or not, or if Chevy is just now trying some kind of electric system for the future, for the moment, we don’t know.