“Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray” is now a registered trademark


it Is difficult to think of a Chevrolet Corvette that does not work with petrol, or bioethanol if we hurry, but the possibility is there. how is asking General Motors to launch a Corvette that has some type of electric motor? What is more reasonable would be to think about a hybrid, as a minimum, a KERS system to increase performance with little increase in weight.

The designation “E-Ray” points to that. In the absence of official information, all we can do is speculate. The word “Ray” is very much related to the history of the Corvette, the current generation (C7) is called the Corvette Stingray, as several of its predecessors since 1959. The word refers to a fish that we know as the stingray or manta (family Myliobatidae).

in Addition, there is an interesting precedent, the Chevrolet Mi-Ray Roadster Concept, shown at the Salon of Seoul four years ago. It was a hybrid all-wheel drive, with front wheels driven by electric motors and a rear axle driven by a conventional gasoline engine and a third electric motor. Possibly the “E” means 100% electric.


Chevrolet Mi-Ray Roadster Concept (2011)

there are Not many cars of these features on the market today, but in a few years we will see more of the one. In a future with oil shortages or major legal restrictions to the movement of performance cars -they pollute more than the average – it would make sense to do something like that.

Since then, when a company as powerful as registering a trademark is so that no one else use it, even though the people concerned do not make use of the same. The current Corvette was unveiled in early 2013, but the name “Corvette Stingray” was recorded, again, in September of 2010. There I leave it.

The “news” Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray” is now a registered trademark, was originally published in by Javier Costas.