Chevrolet Corvette: The rare variant shooting brake in the history of the 'Vette


Corvette C3 Sport Wagon Greenwood.

Yesterday I brought the first images of the new Corvette Aerowagen Callaway, a transformation shooting brake of the Chevrolet Corvette C7 of which I had that had been possible in a very simple manner thanks to the fact that the C7 is the first generation with C-pillar in the history of the model, taking care not to mention that this was the first version shooting brake model, because it is not.

Formally, there has never been a variant shooting brake in showrooms, in the same way that there has not been a Corvette with 4 doors or 4 seats. However, as with Callaway, many other coaches aftermarket have developed variants of this type for several generations of the ‘Vette.

These received the nickname Sports or Sport Wagon or even Sportswagon, we can find it written both ways and were born with the third generation of the model.


Chevrolet Nomad concept of 1954, the only Corvette shooting brake official.

Although long before there was a prototype official Corvette first generation, which already contemplated a variant family, the Nomad Concept of 1954, a conceptual model that was born as a derivative of the Corvette and yes it came to production, but not as a variant of the ‘Vette, but as part of the range Bel Air Chevy.

The first kits or conversions were available from the third generation of the Corvette and found several available on the market. Some simply extending the roof line towards the back, with which the new part of the body remained the original slant, and had a thin and long side windows.

The addition of fiber body ended up in the same behind, so that, on the contrary that the new model of Callaway, the Stingray Sports Wagon had a clear picture of the family vehicle.


Some transformations were pretty aesthetic, as the Greenwood.

In other cases, manufactured by the specialist Greenwood, a renowned builder and preparer Corvette, the rear is widened much more, and we could find a back more modified, with some rear windows they bit part of the roof, with an image very modern.

In other cases, in place of windows also had fixed panels, the style of the commercial vehicles. Diving on the internet you can even find some units as-prepared vehicle funeral.

finally, we can also find versions of this type on the C5 Corvette, although of this generation there are only a few units, at least let it be known. In the network we can find reports of a unit of black color done by a specialist Swedish, Robban Aften, and doing a little more research we found other examples similar to that of Aften in various colors.


C5 Corvette Sportwagon, viewed from the back is even worse.

If the C3 that we saw before were not exactly very graceful, visually, in the case of the C5 the aesthetic result is even worse, since it is note quite added, giving an artificial looking very strong. In this case it simply replaced the rear window in the form of a bubble by a housing, which had two side windows and one rear window, which does not seem practicable.

we Understand that this piece makes trunk lid complete and that stands in solidarity, in a single piece. The “goop” is clear and do not follow too much the overall design and lines of the vehicle, so that is not the solution more graceful than we have been able to see until now.

finally, the last Aerowagen Callaway is probably the simplest solution and in addition gaudy, all those used to convert the Corvette into a shooting brake. In this case, it replaces the moon in the rear and extending the rear struts to continue the roof line, topped off the job with a rear window almost vertical, small in size.


Corvette Aerowagen Callaway.

The result of this transformation is quite striking, though as
all the others, has as its object to extend the load capacity
in the model, one of the last considerations for the owner
any sports
. In terms of habitability, in none of the
cases is achieved by having enough space to accommodate two additional seats,
the frame of the Corvette allows it, it is a strict two-seater.