Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 2018: new information leaked confirm your presentation this year


Mule testing the new Corvette ZR1.

The news that awaits us in the Corvette range in the next few months are going to be very important. In development are already the new variant Corvette ZR1, the next-generation Corvette mid-engine and even we have found some evidence to indicate that the Battery Lab of General Motors is now working on the C7 Corvette today, which could be the start of a future version electrified ‘Vette.

however, from the public relations department of General Motors does not come to us too much news of this model. In fact, except for the special anniversary edition of Corvette Carbon 65 Edition (presented at the New York Hall of 2017) Chevrolet is being very secretive with respect to this range. Even the new Corvette 2018 was presented in the form of a few sad paragraphs end on the note of original press of the new Carbon Edition. A version on the other hand, that has not had the impulse promotional which usually have special versions of anniversary of the sport.

In the last few months we have witnessed a veritable parade of units of testing the new C7 ZR1, however, there has not been a single word about its launch, not even the confirmation of the company in its development.


New Corvette Carbon 65 Edition.

Although it is true that your arrival is a given and we have already seen far too many prototypes, in addition to some leaks, that indicates to us that this is the last variant that we will see the seventh generation of the model. This should reach you before the official birth of the eighth generation, which will be passed to the central engine, but the release dates for both remain a mystery.

The initial reports indicated that the ZR1 would be launched in Detroit 2017, as a model 2018, while the Corvette mid-engine was reserved for Detroit’s 2018, as a model 2020. However, the arrival of spring, the new ZR1 still does not appear, and the current reports indicate a presentation throughout the year, probably in the summer, so you would not have to wait until Detroit 2018 to see the birth of the version more sporty Corvette.

The confirmation of these rumors seem to come from the hand of the own system of orders of Chevrolet, which recently added a series of options own of this version. In first place, we have added a new blue color for the brake pads with the denomination ZR1, these are already available for the Corvette 2018 and were discovered while a dealer made an order of a Z06 2018. And on the other hand, and in the same system, Chevrolet has added an exclusive option for the ZR1, related to a special tax for vehicles of high consumption or Gas Guzzler Tax.


Corvette ZR1 2018 convertible.

While the choice of the color of the brake pads can only be casual, because the previous ZR1 had the pads in this tune, and the brand could be baptized as well this key, the option to include that specific tax comes related solely to the ZR1. Indicating that the mark is already in the process of completing administrative preparations for the arrival of the model.

This would mean that , we could see its arrival in just a few months, as
we speculate on a principle, and would not have to wait for the arrival of the
new year. The specific date is still unknown, but the appointment more
likely remains before the end of the summer 2017.