Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 2018: the first images of the convertible version


With the convertible it was in this prototype with the new wing.

In the last few months we have been able to see several prototypes of the new Corvette ZR1, the last and most wild version of the sport that Chevrolet is developing, which until now had been seen only in body coupe, and in some instances with a large rear wing.

Seen for the first time at the beginning of this month of October, these are the first images that we’ve been able to get from the new open version, which has the same characteristics as the prototypes hunted above the coupe. With its front heavily camouflaged and seemingly of greater width and aggressiveness, while body panels seem to be the same as the version Z06.

In the rear we discovered the rear wing monoplane previously seen, but this time mounted on a masts rather shorter, leaving the wing almost flat to the trunk lid.


the New wing, the more worked up and aggressive than those seen up to now.

How we can see in the other prototypes that appear in the video, we are surprised to discover two different configurations of the rear wing much more aggressive. While one of the prototypes shows the same rear wing the convertible, the other prototype has a spoiler much more worked, placed on a tallest masts, that now appear without camouflage.

As we can see in the image detail, this has the form of wing inverted with a relief in its central area and two large vertical blades that are topped.

the Other peculiarity of this prototype is that it shows the B-pillar in a different color than the rest of the body panels. Which could mean nothing, however, reminds us of the traditional way that has had this piece since the generation C4 Corvette.


The huge rear wing is obvious.

These different configurations of the rear wing might suggest the possible existence of a version is more radical and oriented to runway of the future Corvette ZR1. With a frame more rigid and prepared to be squeezed in a track-by-their customers. Although it could be the proof of different elements for the same purpose.

The arrival of the production version that will derive from these prototypes, in theory, is scheduled for the next January 2017, the date on which is celebrated the next Hall of Detroit.