Chevrolet Corvette ZR1: the minimum of camouflage on the Nürburgring on the hunt for a chrono


Never before had we seen so close and with so little camouflage.

If a few hours ago I mentioned the latest leaks that pointed to a prompt presentation of the new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, in the last few minutes we have received a new series of spy photos that show us one of the test units of the sports car, in a very advanced stage and with the camouflage minimized to the maximum.

Although what is most surprising are not the characteristics of the model, but the surprising thing is location, as these images have been taken at the Nürburgring, Germany.

In the last year we have been able to see dozens of these mules testing the Corvette ZR1, at multiple aerodynamic configurations and with different levels of camouflage, but the appearance of these photos in the Ring can only mean one thing: your development is close to completion and the testing team is visiting several circuits in the world to optimize their performance on the track and more than likely, go to the hunting times.


Your presence at the Nürburgring is a sign that his coming is very near.

just a few weeks ago we discovered the computer test of the ZR1 on the track of Laguna Seca, in California, and although at the time we thought it could be in the path californian carrying out more routine tests, these images are in the Ring, already in its final layout, to demonstrate that their development has been completed or is very close to the conclusion. It will not be surprising laugh, joke in the next few days with videos of the visit of the Corvette to the Ring.

In terms of the configuration of the model, I do not really find what’s new, as we have already seen in numerous occasions, and their changes are already known. In the front we find a bumper of course more aggressive, with large air inlets and a hood-oversized, which shows a large bulge in the center.

At the back we find the configuration of the rear wing of greater size of the different options that we have seen in the previous prototypes, with the same bumper, and diffuser of the Corvette Z06. It would be very unlikely that Chevrolet is not found these days at the Nürburgring trying to to get one of those chronos that only serve to promote the vehicle, especially considering that the ZR1 is emerging as the model most suitable for track of catalog Corvette.


Your visit to the Ring it can only mean one thing.

In terms of its mechanics, from the moment we can not confirm if it will mount an evolution of the current blocks of the range or if premiere new V8 LT5 DOHC, a block of double overhead camshaft which is presumed to be premiered by the future Corvette C8. The presentation of the ZR1 2018 should be in soon, with a date most likely this summer.