Chevrolet Cruise AV: The autonomous car without steering wheel or pedals will hit the market next year

The first autonomous car without steering wheel or pedals will arrive next year. This is the Chevrolet Cruise, an electric vehicle based on the Chevrolet Bolt that is ready to start its commercially launched in 2019.

General Motors announced that after concluding the tests with vehicles driving autonomously, is ready to launch to the market his first model fully automated. The arrival of the vehicles to be completely independent is closer than we thought, because the us giant confirmed that the first of the models will arrive to the market as soon as next year.

this Is the Chevrolet Cruise AV, vehicle completely self-contained which takes as a basis the electric Chevrolet Bolt, and that has the particularity of not having steering wheel or pedals. The past month of January, the american manufacturer, we surprised the reveal this vehicle in the form of a prototype, but more surprising still is the confirmation that they are ready to manufacture it in series beginning in 2019.

however, for this to happen , some legislation will need to be modified, although everything seems to indicate that the arrival of the first vehicles driving autonomously as without the controls traditional as steering wheel, pedals or any other type of hand controls, is more close to what we could imagine. General Motors ensures that the vehicle has been tested with good results and who are ready to take it to the dealers starting next year.

The company pointed out that since recently more than a year has been developed on the Chevrolet Cruise and since then have already made three generations of this vehicle is autonomous in its testing version, with the purpose of achieve their use in various urban environments.

To transform this project in reality, the u.s. firm has invested something more than 80 million euros, primarily aimed at updating the facilities of their factories in Orion Township and Brownstown. modules roof, in charge of mounting the sensors necessary for the proper functioning of the autonomous system, have already begun to be manufactured.

By the time the manufacturer has not provided technical information about this model, nor any image which allows you to know what will be the format of your body. For the moment the only thing we know is the first image of the interior, which has a treaty provision, similar to that of any car, even if with the notable absence of manual controls for lead.