Chevrolet Cruze 2017, the american cousin of the Astra makes it official


Although the design is very Chevrolet, it is easy to recognize the origin of this Cruze compact
well Ahead of his presentation at the Detroit motor show 2016, the Chevrolet Cruze 2017 compact makes it official. For the first time in the history of the model you are presented with a compact appearance. It does so for two reasons, first because it can (needless to say that it is an Astra modified), and second is that Chevrolet wants to control more market niches.

it is the market of the compact not be the most commercial of the north american continent, but all the sales are well received. And is that Chevrolet has had a very easy time of developing the Cruze compact, because as we have borrowed most of the elements of the Opel Astra, although it of course has slightly changed its design.

has done more yankiee. The front is more sharp than that of its twin brother in europe. Chevrolet has introduced its identity in the front, something that we do not see until the to the rear, which also shows very changed with regard to the Opel. It is certainly the most different, although it looks good.


The rear is the most changed with respect to the Astra

But not only the outside is similar to, but underneath the bodywork the elements are also provided, including the platform lightened, that is to say that it was developed between the two marks (although we all know that these issues Opel has more experience). This change has helped him to be 200 kilograms lighter. Coincidences of life, the same weight that you have lost the Astra 2016.

The cabin by your party displayed itself differently. Although we do not see to the full, the truth is that what little we see of the Chevrolet Cruze already seems changed. Dashboard new, new console, new buttons… Little remains of the Astra in this area, though it seems to be well finished and manufactured.

In terms of mechanical for the time being the only one that has been announced is a petrol engine 1.4 Turbo with Start/Stop that will have 150 HP. There will surely be more mechanical, although, as is usual in the united States there will be no diesel in sight. Soon we will know more, and we will know all the details.


The interior is hardly seen, but everything seems to indicate that here if Chevrolet has opted for its design