Chevrolet demonstrates that the aluminum box of the Ford F-150 is not as resistant as that of your Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado Ford F-150 resistencia cajaWhen they introduced the latest generation of the Ford F-150, who brings decades being the best-selling model in the united States, was accompanied by an important revolution. If the chassis rail is still made of steel, the current Ford F-150 used mechanical that has been applied to the downsizing and an aluminum body that helps reduce weight in a very noticeable way, and according to the brand, it is much more sturdy than the previous steel body.

Usually in a pick-up cargo box is the area worst treatment you receive. In order to prove that Ford was not correct, Chevrolet has released a few videos comparing the resistance of the load bed of your Chevrolet Silverado, high-strength steel, with the Ford F-150, aluminum series 6.000. The result? Unsure which Ford has not done much grace.


Chevrolet has carried out an exhaustive investigation to prove that the box of high strength steel Chevrolet Silverado the best support treatment hard that the Ford F-150. Although some tests are somewhat extreme, the results are no less clear.

In a first test of the impacts in the laboratory, a press hit in 20 trials on a new piece of sheet metal removed from the box of each of the pick-ups. In all occasions, the aluminum Ford F-150 was broken, while that in the high strength steel Chevrolet Silverado only were surface marks and dents. In a second test we threw 55 concrete blocks with a total weight of over 370 pounds to 1.5 meters in height with respect to the ground of the box. In 12 reps, the box of the Ford F-150 had 52 fractures, while again the Silverado only showed surface damage.


A third test consisted in dropping a box of tools metal in the case of charging each of the pick-up. In the case of the Ford model, the 14 attempts made a dent, and 13 fractures, while in the case of the Silverado had 12 dents and two fractures, smaller than the presented by the Ford model.