Chevrolet, Ford and the controversy of the blocks of stone, or why a GM you could leave the shot in the butt

General Motors has spent years doing aggressive marketing campaigns in the segment of the pick-up. With reason: in 2015 sold more than 750,000 units of the Ford F-Series in the US, where it has been being the market leader with nearly 35 years in a row. Chevrolet and its Silverado have always been the segundones, but in 2015 already sold more than 600,000 units. Have honey on the lips, and they want to cupping with the help of marketing. But this last campaign, a clear attack on Ford and its F-150 aluminum, it could have a reverse dark.

The Ford F-150 have an aluminum body, while the Chevrolet Silverado uses high-strength steel.

The aim of the campaign is a clear attack of General Motors to the aluminum construction of the Ford F-150. It has been one of the major innovations of the current generation of the F-150, which has allowed it to reduce its weight up to 320 kg with respect to its predecessor. The aluminum body and a redesigned chassis have been some of your keys, as well as the use of composites and other lightweight components. But of course, the aluminum takes the cake in a segment traditional, resistant to change and very patriot.

General Motors wanted to prove that the aluminum is not the best material for a pick-up, and although we agree with its posture in a certain way, we are not with the way they have communicated the message. In 2015 General Motors attacked the repair costs of aluminum versus steel, and now use stone blocks to prove that their hardness is insufficient. Have been released over the box of a Chevy Silverado 1500 and a Ford F-150, nothing less than 55 blocks of stone, with a total weight of 347 pounds, from 1.5 meters of height.

No owner or operator of pick-up at your sanity prescindiría a plastic cover for the box of the vehicle.

The box of the Chevrolet Silverado suffers raspazos and small dents. On the contrary, the Ford F-150 has several holes in the aluminum. The same thing happens when you drop a tool box on the cargo floor of both pick-ups. We agree that the performance of the Ford F-150 has been poor. No owner of a pick-up in their right mind would allow this without a bed-liner, a cover of hard plastic on the box, which fits it precisely to prevent what happens in the video.

is Not the first attack of General Motors to the Ford F-150 aluminum. In 2015 published a comedy skit about a superhero of aluminium – by means of ridicule in a clear way and an announcement in which they asked several people to hide from a bear in a steel cage or in a cage made of aluminum, which no one chose. It is clear that the aluminum has advantages in terms of weight and efficiency, but I agree that the box of a pick-up is what makes it such a work vehicle and should be the hardest part.

In the future, much we fear that General Motors will not be able to dispense with the aluminum if you want to meet the federal standards of efficiency.

And again, I agree that General Motors try to exploit this weakness competitive rival. That said, I think that General Motors can leave the shot in the butt. Because in the automotive industry we are going to leaps and bounds toward a future of light metals and composite materials. The high-strength steel may not be sufficient, and there are already rumors that General Motors is developing a pick-up of aluminum, with the that would get close to the federal standards of consumption marked for the near future.

what will Erase General Motors of these Internet ads with the hope of making us forget? It would be a stance of a hypocrite since then. This controversy hasn’t cooled, and it is the shift response of Ford. In the united States will allow this type of comparative claims, that in countries such as Spain, they are banned, by the way. The funny point of the debate puts Honda, with their new Ridgeline. A pick-up lightweight, with a box plastic cover high series resistance and a few clever storage compartments under the same.

Look what happens when let loose on her 300 kilos of stone blocks. This is what we define as “zas in all the mouth”.

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