Chevrolet investigates the case of a Bolt that is turned and crashed by itself


The Chevrolet Bolt has just reached the market.

General Motors is investigating the case of an alleged acceleration of spontaneous a Chevrolet Bolt EV, one of the first copies that already have been delivered to the electrical model. Although this particular case is far more mysterious and strange than other, similar episodes seen in other models.

The event took place in the own garage of the owner, while the vehicle was parked for a long time and therefore, was turned off and closed. At that time the owner and presumably sole driver was not in the house, but his wife yes, that was the one that heard the noise of the blow.

The vehicle appeared as it looks in the pictures, pasted against the piece of furniture – now shattered – that was in the back wall of the garage. When the woman went to investigate the source of the noise found the vehicle still closed and off, dashboard included.


Image of the incident. Credits: My Chevy Bolt forum.

The vehicle had not turned on the electronic parking brake, but remained seated position Parking in the transmission.

With these data in hand, theoretically, what happened is that the vehicle was activated, engaged the reverse gear, and accelerated to hit the piece of furniture that stopped him and turned to turn off, but not before re-gearing again to the position Parking in the transmission. All of this alone.

It should be noted that the Bolt is one of the few models from GM that have the technology Electronic Precision Shift, that uses no physical connection between the various controllers and the mechanical elements of the model. Last year, a Cadillac XT5, which also features a similar system, was also the protagonist of an incident of this type, although not with the special characteristics of this.


The new Bolt is a showcase of technology of the brand.

This would be the first time a case of this kind happens, without being the driver behind the wheel, and of course, also the first when the vehicle is turned off. For the moment, all the theories suggest that the most likely cause of the blow has not been an activation and deactivation spontaneous of the vehicle, is something that is highly unlikely.

By the time Chevrolet is investigating the black box of this unit, to try to clarify the facts, so they probably let us know of this case at a time.