Chevrolet Niva 2016, the discovery of the new 4×4 Russian production


In the Salon Moscow 2014, it has been almost a year and a half, it was the Chevrolet Niva Concept, a prototype that anticipated the new generation of off-road Russian of General Motors. It showed a design much more modern and attractive, although without excess, that will move eventually to the production without changes too relevant.

The spy pictures of the Chevrolet Niva already anticipated that the prototype’s design would be respected quite faithfully in the model of production, and this is the ultimate test of this. These are the first images of the Chevrolet Niva 2016, which appeared in the Federal Service on Intellectual property Protection in Russia.


Next to the design patents are shown these two photos that do not leave too much space for the imagination, with a body virtually identical to that of the prototype, except in small details, while keeping that waist line upward -which gives way to a window in the rear more sharp – and side windows in continuity with a rear door with spare wheel built in.

In the prototype adopted a gasoline engine of 1.8 liters and 122 HP, which according to the Russian sources will also be present in the final model. Of course, you won’t miss the four wheel drive and capabilities that are more than decent for a use purely off-road.

The Chevrolet Niva 2016 keep a very compact size and an affordable price, a trend that all model ‘Niva’ -either the previous Chevrolet Niva or the popular Lada Niva of AutoVAZ – it has had a custom. Will be on sale in Russia during 2016.