Chevrolet recorded the initials ZR1, what the new Corvette ZR1 700 HP 2017?


Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Hero Edition

last Friday, may 13, Car and Driver published that is likely to be the news of the year, ensuring that in the Hall of Detroit of 2018 we will see the birth finally the so long rumored Chevrolet Corvette mid-engine, stating also that it would not be a standalone version, but you will have a whole range, as it has been structured the lineage of the Corvette standard from decades ago.

which means that the Corvette as we know it will disappear, being replaced by this new model that abandons forever the architecture of front-engine and rear-wheel drive.

But the same article revealed something more. If the new Corvette C8 will come as a model 2019 in the Hall of Detroit of 2018, Chevrolet in addition to is preparing a new surprise in the Corvette range just for a year before, in the next Hall of Detroit 2017.


The second generation of the ZR1 nation with the C4 Corvette in the nineties.

This shock is assumed or understood that could be the last version of the current Corvette, generation C7, which in its variant over the wild is called a Z06 and have the 650 HP of your engine LT4 V8 6.2-liter supercharged. So that will come as the last version was born of the current generation of the sports and the swan song of the traditional architecture of the ‘Vette.

Of this new and latest version of the Corvette practically nothing is known, except that, in theory, will be based on the C7 current. Hence, many media specialists have begun to spectacular about that we might find in the stand of the brand in the COBO Center next month of January.

The first theories arise pointed to a future version ZR-1, which was the one we hoped to see when Chevy unveiled the current Z06 supercharged, announcing that this replaced the Z06 and ZR-1 above. Traditionally been used those acronyms just to define the variants most explosive model, the last two occasions in the fourth and the sixth generation, giving rise to the versions listed in their respective ranges.


Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 2009, almost as powerful as the Z06 current.

Theories that have endorsed these days to know precisely the Monday, may 16, Chevrolet registered the name ZR1 in the Patent and Trademark Office of the united States, giving even more credibility to these speculations. Apparently, Chevrolet no longer owned the rights on these) since the year 2001. Interestingly, the last ZR1 was born eight years later, in 2009.

This movement of GM seems to fit with what all the american media rumored since last may 13. In Detroit 2017 will be presented the last Corvette engine in the front with the iconic) ZR1, and this should be the most brutal sport of the long history of the Corvette.

on the basis that it will be located on the current Z06, which has traditionally been a more pure oriented riding and the sensations, that that is the raw power, what should we expect from the Corvette ZR1 is the minimum that exceed significantly the figures of the current Z06. That is to say, should exceed 650 HP of this so it’s likely you’ve entered the territory of the 700.


the second iteration of The Corvette ZR1 was developed by Lotus.

Figures reserved only for the supercars and hiperdeportivos more exotic, precisely those that have signed up the previous versions ZR1.

Power that should be pure, that is to say, without the aid of the usual hybrid systems, since we are looking at a future collector’s piece, and that Chevrolet knows it perfectly. The mechanical will be an evolution of the V8 push rod of the family LT, more than likely also supercharged and with a body kit even more aggressive than the already inflated Z06 today.

For the frame Chevy has the invaluable experience in the racing program of the C7R, so that expected changes in the section of suspensions, steering and braking.


Current Corvette Z06 and Corvette C7R car race.

Although, for the moment, all that let’s talk about what Chevrolet intends to introduce at 8 months in Detroit is to enter into the field of pure speculation, because General Motors has not revealed any information of the surprises we are preparing.