Chevrolet reveals the price of the Bolt EV, 37.495 dollars before discounts


For autonomy, the Bolt EV is converted into electrical energy more affordable in the market.

Few days after having revealed the amazing range of Chevy’s Bolt and Opel Ampera-e, Chevy has already revealed the second of the most important data of the model, its price. Finally, the Bolt EV will start with a price tag in the united States 37.495 $ , which places it above its direct competition, to the exclusion of the range Tesla today, until the arrival of the Model 3, which should be from the $ 35,000, all the available versions of the manufacturer california are placed well above the price of the Bolt.

it Is convenient to point out that this price, 37.495 $ , includes all the expenses but not the discount federal $ 7,500 that have the electrical in that market. So all those that are made with one of the new Bolt EV actually disbursed 29.995 usd, just $ 5 below the 30,000 predicted by General Motors when it revealed the project a few years ago, of whose intricacies and controversies we talked to you about at length a few days ago.

But everything will depend on the area where they are purchased, as some states, such as California, Utah or Colorado have additional bonuses.


Less than $ 30,000 was the announcement of GM makes now 3 years.

For the moment, Opel has not revealed the price of the Ampera-e, the version of the Bolt EV to Europe. But now that it has published the variant of Chevy, we expect that to be revealed at the Paris motor show 2016, in a few days.

For the moment, Chevy has only submitted the lowest price, that is to say, the MSRP, or suggested price that will have versions more basic in that market, so that will have to wait to be published the full fare to be able to issue a value judgment based on the value of the model. In Canada, for the time being, has been announced in 42.795 canadian dollars, which after discounts and bonuses, according to provinces, it is in 31.464 $ more $ 1,600-rate of transport.

In terms of the possible price of the Ampera-e, we could make a rule
three comparing the prices of the electric extended-range Volt and Ampera, which would give us a price very similar to that of the Bolt EV, something more
high in the case of Opel. But until the German brand is not what
it reveals, it is preferable not to venture.


The Bolt and Ampera-e is emerging as a future game-changers’.

With the Bolt, and the Ampera-and it promises to perk up and a lot of the newly born segment of electrical. Yesterday I we reported the possible increase of autonomy that could be practicing Renault the Zoe, the electric best-selling in Europe right now.