Chevrolet Silverado 2019: first images of the version regular cab


The version of cabin simple you will also receive modifications to the model 2019.

We have seen already several prototypes of the new update that General Motors is preparing for its ranges pick-up full size, the successful Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. These will be presented in a few months as models 2019 and will be available in the american licensees in the first bars of the next year. But until now we had not found with the version of single cabin, two doors.

This version is intended for professional use, oriented more to the load capacity and therefore, dispenses with the extended cab and the rear bench, accepting only those passengers who occupy the front row. In the north american market, this version is referred to as a “regular cab”.

As we can see in the pictures, this unit does not show more differences with the rest of the prototypes spotted that it is not the length of the cab itself, and in terms of the cradle rear, this shows no developments with respect to the generation outbound, nor with the rest of prototypes of large-cabin. The unit shown also heavily camouflaged, so we have yet to appreciate the changes that will affect, slightly, the front design of the new model.


This version is more geared to professional use.

This update will be mostly technological, so that probably affects most of the rest of the ranges SIlverado and Sierra, the versions of double row of seats in the united States tend to be employed as a vehicle for daily use and family. In addition of a slight refreshment of aesthetic will affect the design of the front and the optical, we find a significant evolution of the technical level, with the incorporation of new mechanical, transmissions and aluminum elements in the body, although not in the cradle in the rear, which will continue to be of steel.

The use of aluminum is the response of GM to the recent Ford F-150, that in this new generation employs massively the aluminum on parts of your frame and the body. Thanks to the use of this new material, we should see a significant decline in the total weight of the models from GM, though we can not specify exactly how much will be encrypted this saving.

In the section mechanic will find the incorporation of the mechanical diesel, both in the ranges Sierra and Silverado versions that we could confirm thanks to the sighting of units while repostaban this fuel, a sure sign of the type of engine that carry. One of the biggest new mechanics will be the premiere of the new automatic transmission with 10 speeds in the versions V8 engine’s larger displacement, the same box that mounted models like the Camaro ZL1 or the future Corvette ZR1. On the inside, users will find a technological equipment renovated, with recent developments of the brand in the areas of connectivity and information and entertainment, in addition to new finishes, colors and options.