Chevrolet Silverado 2019: the pick-up full-size will receive a large update in 2018


A first look at the new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2019.

These images show us how advanced the development of the new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2019, a new update of the pick-up of larger size of Chevrolet and sharing platform and technical scheme with the GMC Sierra.

Although the Silverado current only been in the market since the year 2014, its main rival, the Ford F-150, which has a technological level higher. While the model of Ford features a rack made mostly of aluminum and recent advances in the field of security systems, connectivity, and information and entertainment, the pick-ups full-size General Motors can not boast of so many delicacies and techniques.

To do this, the Chevrolet are developing a huge update of the highly successful pick-up, a model that sold more than 500,000 units per year, and that for the model 2019 will have a qualitative leap significant.


the First pictures of its revamped interior.

As we can see in these spy photos, on the inside you will find a central screen of larger size, in a provision similar to the one of the dashboard’s current Silverado, including the provision of hand-held pendant stations.

On the outside we find a body very camouflaged, but by the ways that they draw your silhouette should not expect too many changes. Its design will continue to be very solid, with forms of very straight and square, and a few bulky and very marked steps wheels. However after the camouflage we can see already the new optical groups, which seem to continue the rectangular design of the current, but now with new items LED and new interior layout.

In terms of the rack, we hope that Chevrolet would lighten the mass of the Silverado with the use of a high-strength steels and aluminum elements, we are faced with an evolution of great importance. In terms of its mechanics, the range will continue with versions V6 and V8, with a V6 4.6-liter as a variant of access. One of the more striking of the unit of the images is the presence of an exhaust outlet side, the first time that we see this element in the new model.


mandatory Update to continue fresh on the market.

This early update is due to the performance in the market of the current generation, which has come lose even his eternal second place in the segment in front of the RAM of FCA, which happened in the past month of march, for the third time in the history of the model. Even though Chevy sold close to 600,000 units per year of the full-size pick-up, the F-150, Ford will win by a landslide, with nearly double the units in the first quarter of this year.