Chevrolet wants to do harm to Tesla with new Bolt EV, an electric crossover with 320 km range

The car that you have on the screen is called the Chevrolet Bolt EV. It is an electric crossover that Chevrolet will sell throughout this year 2016, whose main incentive business are 320 km of autonomy. With a target price of $ 30,000, General Motors wants to make sure a position of honor in the market of electrical generalist. For once, they have managed to get ahead of Tesla, whose Model 3 yet even been presented. Chevrolet wants to do a lot of damage with the Bolt EV, and dominate in a segment with tremendous potential.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV has the recipe for success: crossover, technological and a real independence more than decent.

Detroit have followed the recipe of the car of current success – crossover, attractive, and very connected – and have been electrified. On paper, the Chevrolet Bolt EV is a huge mule to the market of electric. As an alternative to its real category, there are not many more options than the already veteran Nissan Leaf, autonomy lower. The Chevrolet Bolt EV plays the trump card of a bold design, to the forefront of current trends and in line with the style codes current Chevrolet.

A calender recognizable, optical LED low consumption, and a side profile strong and sturdy, that highlights some nice alloy wheels. In your behind find a rear window of a dark color, and lenses of fresh look, without being strange. I think that the success of Chevrolet is having manufactured a car that perfectly could be confused with another modern crossover. It has a slight halo technology, enough to attract the techies, but without frightening the great general public. A success.

Its electric range of 320 kilometers (200 miles), and its practicality are two of the main arguments in favour of it.

The same can be said of its interior. It is not the spacecraft that was the Chevrolet Volt, introduced a few years ago. It is spacious, has a large trunk and a multitude of holes for our personal items. Your shifter is conventional, as well as the layout of the central console or the dashboard. Their instrumentation is a screen TFT configurable, but the true role is of the enormous screen of 10.2 inches – to the system infotaiment MyLink – who presides over the center of the dashboard.

A car very techie

The press release is very brief, but emphasizes in his facet technology, coinciding with the CES Las Vegas, where it has been presented to the public. Its main novelty is a new system of control by smartphone, through a app called MyChevrolet. Allows you to control the state of charge of the car, their autonomy or precondition your temperature before you get on. The car has the latest-generation OnStar system with 4G LTE, which makes it a WiFi hotspot portable to which you can connect devices.

As already do some vehicles of Nissan – and other brands – it has a system of cameras in 360 degrees, very useful for parking maneuvers and low-speed manoeuvring. One thing to keep in mind is that your navigation system designed routes to maximize the autonomy of the car and indicates to us the existence of charging stations nearby. In the future, the owners of the Bolt EV will be able to compete among themselves to see who achieves an efficient driving, turning efficiency into a game.

In terms of GM to publish more details on this new electric crossover, I will know.

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