Chevrolet will cease its activities in India and will no longer produce in south Africa

From the end of the year will not be sold more vehicles of the brand Chevrolet in India. In addition, General Motors will no longer produce in south Africa. Optimize resources to focus only on the markets more profitable.

Lfter his departure from the european market, General Motors plans to stop selling vehicles in India at the end of this year and will sell its operations in south Africa, as part of the final steps in its new global strategy that will focus its efforts on more profitable markets. will Restructure its operations in India, Africa and Singapore.

General Motors is result increasingly more difficult to compete in emerging markets beyond the borders of China; during the past year alone have been delivered to 49 000 vehicles by combining the sales of India and south Africa, figures that did not do more to precipitate the decision to leave the markets unprofitable.

a Large part of the investment close to 1,000 million euros that was planned for the construction of a new assembly line in India has been cancelled. There they planned to assemble a series of low-cost models, as part of the program ‘Global Emerging Market’, but now the facilities of Talegaon will be only used for the production of vehicles destined for export, although it will retain its design and engineering near Bangalore.

Chevrolet offered in India Beat, Cruze, Sail, Trailblazer and Enjoy, while their commercial activities will cease in final form on December 31, 2017, and announced Chevrolet Essentia or even will be released.

on the other hand, General Motors has decided to stop the assembly of vehicles of the Chevrolet brand in south Africa and the facilities will be sold to Isuzu Motors. Currently Chevrolet sold in south Africa Spark, Cruze, Captiva and the Trailblazer, in addition to the Utility, a small business known as Montana in other markets.

This decision does not mean the cancellation of the program ‘Global Emerging Market’, as General Motors along with its chinese partner Shanghai Automotive Industries will continue with their development for the markets of China and Latin America.