Chile can stay out of the Dakar 2017


The situation in the Dakar 2016 can not repeat. The lowlands of Peru and Chile were left to the test compound, and without a tour less than six months of the conclusion of the raid. Although the organization solvent├│ the ballot with a note creating a tour focused in Argentina, with stages in the form of a loop and a brief stay in Bolivia, the ASO does not want to return to be in a similar situation. For this reason, already working in the route of the Dakar 2017 and time seems to have emerged the first stone in the path. Chile becomes to be in doubt.

The ASO is requesting $ 4 million dollars to canon for hosting the Dakar, a figure that does not seem willing to pay the Government of Chile, as confirmed by the minister of Sport, Natalia Riffo, in statements collected by ‘Champions’. The country is still working on repairing the damage caused by the different temporal suffered at the beginning of last year, and although considered the Dakar to a sporting event of first level that are interested in hosting, can’t afford that expense. Riffo wrote: “we make it clear that it is not that we are not interested in the Dakar, but we told them that we couldn’t pay”.

The situation is very difficult he went on to state Natalia Riffo. “they Made a counterproposal that neither is happy with our situation and we were to meet in the near future to see if we can move forward. We offer to make available managerial capacity, human resources, the desert and the linkage with the regional governments. Our offer as a country is that. We’ll see what ends this situation, but as of the moment Chile looks more outside than inside the Dakar 2017 despite its vital importance in the planning of the route, due to that it is the country that can provide more stages and kilometres of desert.