Chile passes of the rally and focus efforts in the WRC


Chile has renounced the Dakar, at least for the moment. The high fee requested by the ASO has led to the south american country to
dismiss his participation in the Dakar 2017. This situation has resulted in the
premiere of Paraguay in the raid more hard of the world, all time Chile watch
other objectives. In this aspect, and as disclosed to local media, Chile
want to receive a quote from the WRC in 2018
and has already held the first
conversations with Jarmo Mahonen, Olivier Ciesla and Simon Larkin to do this,
these being the heads of the FIA and the promoter of the WRC.

The meeting with Jarmo Mahonen, the representatives of the WRC Promoter GmbH and the emissaries chileans took place in the last Rally
Argentina, where they were presented some of the key points of the project.
Rally of Chile would be held around the city of Conception
, with
two compelling arguments for undertaking your leap to the WRC. The first is the financial support of Mobil 1,
sponsor of the National Rallies in the country since the year 2000. The second
it would be its location in the calendar, as perfect bridge between Mexico and Argentina, to reduce logistics costs in the american tour of the World

However, the National Rally of Chile (Rally Mobil) enjoys great health thanks to the support of the multinational lubricants,
to such an extent that the rallies are the second sport most followed
across the country
. For this reason, and with the above ingredients, the
proposal of Chile is not a possibility without more, and in fact
responsible of the FIA will travel to the rally which is held around the city
of Conception
and that will take place between days 11 and 13 of November. That
visit will be the great test of fire.