Chilling: accidents and resists the Pagani Huayra, a sporty 700 hp and a million euros

Probably you’re asking the question. Why is unusual to see crash-tests supercar? Probably brands like Ferrari do not like to see their sporting wardrobes against a fixed barrier, as used in the EuroNCAP tests. But the most important reason that prevents us from seeing this picture is the fact that the manufacturer is the one who is usually supply cars to the EuroNCAP impact tests, so that the safety ratings of this agency generally focus on products passenger volume and pitch, many sports and, above all, supercars. But in Pagani decided to show us how it crashes a Huayra was important, very important .

The Pagani Huayra employs a monocoque chassis formed by carbon fiber and titanium.

And is that Horacio Pagani himself says that, beyond performance and technology, security is the top priority for Pagani to developing their sports .

The Pagani Huayra is built around a monocoque carbon fiber and titanium necessary in a sport of this nature for its lightness, its resistance to twisting and, ultimately, by resistance as violent as a frontal crash impacts. The objective of the monocoque, and structures that make up the Pagani Huayra, is also to absorb the force of an impact (such as the shock front can be seen in this video) and prevent the passenger compartment deformed causing injury to occupants .

Finally, a video that has its time, but that is not worth remembering. Among other things show us how to resist such an exclusive and expensive as this one sports shock, which is unusual.

Via: GT Spirit
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