Chilling! What happens when a car hits 200 km / h?

Although we are not quite sure what you want to show this video, well worth seeing. One serving of wanton destruction at the highest level , recently arrived from Switzerland. There are facilities DTC Dynamic Test Center AG in a video where we can see different models go crashing over 200 km / h was shot. Further complicating the situation, the shock occurs at different angles. We see scope from behind, and even a side crash in which the other side of the vehicle from colliding, we find a concrete block. The probability of survival in an accident of this type is practically zero.

This is looking like an engine oil has not changed at 135,000 km

To perform the test, the company that created these videos has used one of the shuttles used for impact testing, to make crash-test . Remember that most, if not all, of the cars on this video reached hardly ever in your life 200 km / h.

What proves this video? we know practically nothing. An accident at 200 km / h against other car is, except surprise, mortal. Even if the impact occurs on one side, a weak point of any car at speeds of this kind would cross it completely. And especially if that car behind a rigid barrier, a concrete block.

Definitely. A good portion of wanton destruction.

Via: Carscoop
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This is looking like an engine oil has not changed at 135,000 km

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