China aims to sell 35 million cars per year in 2025

The chinese market is already the most important in the world, and the authorities aspire to expand even more. However they want that one-fifth of the vehicles sold to be zero emissions.

Andn the last decade, the chinese market has grown from 4.5 million units per year to nothing less than 24 million vehicles sold during the past 2016. But the automotive sector in asian country is posed by the ambitious goal of reach 35 million vehicles sold in the year 2025.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has set as a goal that at least a fifth part of those 35 million units corresponds to hybrid and electric vehicles, a measure that the manufacturers of chinese automakers must meet to achieve compliance with the strict quotas by the government.

Sales By 2016, China: Thus closed the year the greatest market in the world

despite the current government’s policies in favor of the vehicles ‘green’, sales have increased dramatically, although they still represent less than 2% of the market, even if sales of cars with alternative energies should meet the 2 million units by 2020.

But in addition, another of the objectives of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is to achieve place by the year 2025 some of the brands of vehicles in china within the 10 models most sold in the world.

The ministry also added that during the next decade seek to increase exports to developed countries, to improve the technology of batteries for electric vehicles and remove some of the current restrictions, which only allow a foreign mark to own up to 50% of a chinese brand.

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