China already sells more electric cars than Europe

Zoyte Cloud

The sales of electric cars in the world still do not reach far from one-tenth of those who get the cars moved by derived from oil. China is the country in the world that have the largest number of sales of cars are obtained and as indicated in the logic is that the greater number of electric cars sold at the end of the year. As proof of this, is that the major brands of cars in the world are interested in having a car moved by electricity in this market.

In Europe and the united States electric cars little by little they are finding their place, but at a lower pace than initially expected. The key to selling this type of car is in a reasonable price and the emergence of subsidies provided by the authorities so that the high starting prices are reduced in order to make them more attractive to the eyes of the drivers.

Byd Tang

From the year 2010, the year in which they began to sell the first vehicles powered by electricity in China, have built up an total of 645,000 vehicles enrolled. If we compare these figures with those of Europe and the united States, we can see that the difference with our continent stands at about 30,000 units in China’s favor. In the case of the united States the gap is larger, and is situated in the 70,000 electric cars less in the country of Uncle Sam.

these numbers there is also that to add 200,000 commercial, light-duty trucks and buses powered by electricity that have already been registered in the country of the rising sun. Among them all, the best-selling model with 75,000 units during this 2016 is the SUV BYD Tang. The second and third model of the most sold are the Kandi Panda with about 55,000 units, and the Zotye Cloud with approximately 25,000 units accumulated in the 2016.

These numbers are given in China, due to the strong support that the government local offers to buyers to acquire this type of vehicles. In addition, another feature is that 96 percent of electric cars sold in the country are manufactured locally and are thus much more competitive in price than those imported from other countries.

Source – Forum Electric Cars