China Guangzhou Car erupts in Detroit with his brand Trumpchi

Guangzhou Automobile Group brought to the Detroit Auto show three vehicles in anticipation of a possible landing in the united States. Exhibit to the Trumpchi GE3 and GS7, as well as the prototype EnSpirit.

Andl manufacturer of automobile chinese GAC is about to enter the u.s. market and that is why we took the Detroit Auto show to showcase their models of the brand Trumpchi.

in Addition, according to the trend most recently, the chinese brand announced its intention to build a research and development center in the united States, although it will give details in the next few months. The models presented this week in Detroit are three, all of them crossovers.

The first of these is the Trumpchi GE3, an electric that promises to 320 kilometres and autonomy, that could reach the u.s. market with a very affordable price. In addition there is a crossover five-seater called Trumchi GS7, as well as the Trumchi EnSpirit a plug-in hybrid which for the moment is presented in the form of the conceptual, with a design that is a strange mix between a saloon coupe, a crossover and a cabriolet.

GAC is one of the brands most popular in China, where last year he managed to sell a total of 380,000 units. In united States, where it is still their infrastructure is null and void, will have the road paved, although however their partnerships with Toyota, Honda and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to assemble vehicles in China, might make things easier for your landing in the north american market.