China is also interested in buying the Formula 1

Bernie Ecclestonefew days Ago we announced that Bernie Ecclestone had announced that F1 would change of owner, quite possibly this year. In addition, Ecclestone said that there were three groups interested in purchasing and that would be very difficult to prevent the transfer this year. It is now known that China also would be very interested in comparing of the rights of the Formula 1, a business that leaves a lot of money.

, CVC Capital Partners, the owner along with other investors, among which stands out the own Ecclestone has not even been pronounced about it and there are no official statement. But among those interested, we already knew about the funds american and qatari, to which is added the chinese. The bid offered by the u.s. fund and qatari is about 7500 million euros, but the group of China he would be willing to enter in the compare, that would change a bit the current scene.

CVC Capital Partners logoThe F1 is for sale and very probably will continue to see to Ecclestone, 84 years of age, in command of the circus a few years more, since it seems that the potential new owners would want to continue to control your experience. In addition, you have already ensured that their actions did not sell, while the rest of investors today are forced to sell their shares for the sale imminent.

The group shareholder in chinese, called CMC (China Media Capital), is the owner also of Fosun and Wanda, which recently have also announced agreements with Hollywood to expand and create movies in chinese for international distribution. CMC could provide around 1,300 million euros to the bid of the american group and qatari, closing the circle of those three buyers announced by Ecclestone. If so, the consortium of buyers, led by Stephen Ross, would need to even 1700 million more to take control of F1.

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