China unveils its bus giant and power that does not interfere with the traffic


this is how I know the TEB-1 from the road.

A spectacular solution to improve the traffic and emissions from the city

China initiates a period of testing of the gigantic bus that you see in the pictures. Responds to the name of TEB (Transit Explore Bus), a car of huge dimensions that was already presented as a project in May, and that this week has become a reality. It is a bus that comes to solving the two great problems of the Chinese society due to its overwhelming number of residents: the traffic and pollution.


Even if it is stopped, this bus does not interfere with the traffic.

The ETB-1 entered this same week in testing phase at Qinhuangdao, a city 300 km from Beijing. The vehicle is 100% electric and mounted a series of batteries that will be taking the energy through multiple charging stations spread out along your route. In addition as you can see by the images offered has an interior space much larger than any regular bus which allows to transport a greater number of people to improve the public transport and no pollution the environment of the city.

Another of its characteristics is that circulates on two lanes, which does not occupy, and the ETB does not interfere in the pathway as it goes from one station to another or make a stop to drop off or pick up passengers. Any tourist may go under yours without problems, being like a tunnel in a movement that has its own lighting and a couple of traffic lights that serves as a medium of communication with the other road users.


Its interior is so spacious that has no rival among the regular buses

Each vehicle can carry a large number of passengers and the cost is very lower

The objective of the company is to act as a metro line outside. that shares tracks with the rest of vehicles, with the exception that will be much cheaper. The company estimates that the ETB will cost approximately 16% of the public transport underground due to a maintenance more economic and electrical technology.

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Although from the front it looks a catamaran its profile has the shape of a bus current

The period of testing will take place during the rest of the summer so as to keep evaluating and moving forward on the matter. We do not be surprised if this transport system makes it popular in a short time and grow quickly as the idea a priori is very good.