China: Volkswagen lost thousands of cars in an explosion


Analysts say were more than 10 thousand units injured by the explosion in China today. It mainly affected but also Volkswagen Land Rover and Renault, among others


Explosión en Tianjin, China U n explosion today in a port area of ​​Tianjin, in China killed several people and caused enormous material damage also. The initial explosion occurred at a warehouse of a logistics company, but then triggered so many explosions along the port area.

Tianjin is one of the largest ports in China and is the place of passage of hundreds of cars that find their destination through the port. As part of the explosion he burned a huge parking lot where thousands of brand new units, especially the Volkswagen were brand.

They say thousands of vehicles Volkswagen lost in this tragedy and the list includes hundreds of Touareg, Beetle, Tiguan, Golf, Up !, SportVan and Magotan , a version of the Passat produced locally. Besides hundreds of units of Land Rover Discovery and Renault Koleos , among others.

The explosion also affected Toyota as the center of research and design with Sichuan FAW has also suffered serious damage.

Explosión en Tianjin, China



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