Chinese manufacturers deny that they want to buy to FCA


earlier this week, Automotive News released the pump: their sources indicated that directors of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and chinese manufacturers were negotiating the purchase of the giant Italian-american for a sum unknown. Such information has not been source official, but informal.

there has been much speculation about a union of FCA with other big fish to make a manufacturer more strong, but it seems that that avenue is exhausted. It is another way, that another manufacturer are to stay with FCA, and the chinese are the obvious candidates.

FCA is one of the three large american manufacturers, in addition to General Motors and Ford. The acquisition of FCA would allow your buyer to have access to the juicy market of the US, which is the second most voluminous in the world and very cost effective. However, FCA has lost bellows in several important segments and is not in the best position.


Brief reminder of the history of FCA

After the ill-fated union with Daimler, Chrysler needed the help of the governments of the US and Canada after filing for suspension of payments in 2009. The company was rescued with the cooperation of Fiat S. p. A. and the pension fund of the union United Auto Workers (UAW). Along 2014 is to integrate Fiat and Chrysler into a new company, FCA US.

right Now FCA has a repertoire of many brands: Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Maserati, Jeep, Ram and SRT. Lancia is in the process of death in Italy and Ferrari is a separate company from the last year. In 2016 FCA stated 1.814 million euros of profit.

His net worth is almost 16.430 million euros at the end of fiscal 2016. It is a sum a little big, since then. According to Automotive News, FCA has already received an offer of purchase that was not high enough, we can speculate that it was below that figure. In addition, FCA has a area of business components: Comau, Marelli and some of them, Mopar and Teksid.


┬┐What to say to the question?

The potential chinese manufacturers that could be done with FCA were mentioned by Automotive News: Great Wall, Dongfeng, Geely and Guangzhou Automobile. Throughout the week, there have been several denials of these companies, except Great Wall, who remains silent at the closing of this information.

on Wednesday Reuters reported that Geely was not interested in the operation with these words: “we don’t have such plans at the moment”. Geely is the manufacturer behind of Volvo, Polestar and the nascent brand techno-chachi LYNK & CO. Your executive director did not rule out that other chinese manufacturers were interested in FCA.

Dongfeng Motor Group, which has 13.7% of the capital of the PSA Group, is liberated also this rumor yesterday: “right Now we don’t have plans”, a spokesman said in Wuhan. The journalists had asked if Dongfeng was interested in FCA, specific brands, or in a business area of FCA.

Also the Reuters news agency has captured the negative of Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) hours ago. The words have been: “At this time, we do not have plans to acquire Fiat Chrysler”.

This manufacturer is one of the technological partners of ACP in China, since the Government forces the foreign producers to produce along with chinese partners if you do not want to have their cars inflated to tariffs. In its current joint-venture, GAC produces the Fiat Viaggio, based on the Dodge Dart.

Of time Great Wall remains as a potential buyer of FCA, but we say that with caution, is the only big that has said no. Let us not forget BAIC, chinese manufacturer with the FCA explores from the end of last year a new joint-venture to expand in the chinese market, according to internal sources of Bloomberg. As he turns back to the omelet.