Choice of riders open for the manufacturers in the WRC


At present, the manufacturers of the WRC will have to designate a first pilot at the start of each season of the World Rally, in the same way that you must choose two riders to score points for the constructors at every rally on the calendar. According to what is seen in this season, these designations can be addressed in a linear way as Volkswagen and M-Sport, opting always for the same pilots or, on the contrary opt for the model Hyundai, varying its roster of riders in each test in your first team is concerned. However, this system can change.

The Commission of Rallies of the FIA is working to change this regulation and thus, give more options in the designation of pilots for the manufacturers in the WRC. In this aspect, one of the measures to be taken passes by remove the choice of a first pilot at the beginning of the season. In the same way, it is also expected that the FIA step in and delete the scoring system of two drivers per manufacturer. In this aspect, and taking into account that at least Hyundai, Toyota and Volkswagen will have three cars, one option may be to designate three World Rally Car, but only score points only the two best in each rally.

In this way, balances the scoring system of two riders with the objective of also cover M-Sport, and any other manufacturer that is able to have two cars, but at the same time they reward the brands that put more resources in the World. Finally and apart from this, also the FIA must work on the system of bidding to drive the World Rally Cars of 2017, the controversial departure order and the calendar, amen to decide what to do with the current World Rally Cars. In this aspect, the European Rally (CKD) waiver to accommodate the current generation of World Rally Cars.