Chris Evans leaves Top Gear in its first season

Chris Evans Top GearThe twenty-third season Top Gear being the hippest of the history of the program. After the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, as it began a new era with new presenters and a change of philosophy. The new season has been centered around Chris Evans, however, the anchorman has just announced through his Twitter account that leaves the program.

After you have signed for three seasons, Evans is dismissed with the first still in the air. This decision comes after some figures of the audience fairly bad in comparison with previous seasons and also after a few ‘arguments’ between presenters. Last week we spoke about a dispute between Evans and Matt LeBlanc, who came to threaten to leave in the case of continued Evans.

Matt LeBlanc Top GearFinally Chris Evans said the program and did so elegant through the social network. “Abandonment Top Gear. I have given the best of me but sometimes that is not enough. The team is more brilliant and I wish you all the best“, said the presenter. Has not dear to give any details, nor has the said the causes of his departure, although it will not be a dismissal of the BBC, which is still in his program “Breakfast Show” on Radio 2.

In any case, Top Gear follow-up with the rest of the presenters. Some of them have also received good reviews, as is the case of Chris Harris, Rory Reid or Matt LeBlanc. We will have to wait to see if one of them happens to occupy the post of Chris Evans as a main presenter. Also to see if the program raises head and improves their figures. Behind them comes squeezing “The Grand Tour”, which will arrive this fall.

Source – Chris Evans