Chris Evans Vs Matt LeBlanc, is There war in Top Gear?

Matt LeBlanc Top GearThe little success of the new season of Top Gear with Chris Evans as a main presenter is clear. Episode after episode, the ratings of Top Gear have gone down to figures that arrive at historic lows, not seen since more than a decade ago. Chris Evans and his little naturalness on the screen seem to be one of the keys to failure.

apparently, the disservice that Chris Evans makes to the program and his attitude behind the camera are the reasons that have kindled a dispute with the co-presenter’s most important program, Matt LeBlanc, best known for playing Joey in Friends. According to sources, the presenter of the us, which signed for two seasons of Top Gear, has threatened to leave the program if you do not Chris Evans.

Matt LeBlanc Top GearAccording to the newspaper The Sun, the relations of Chris Evans are not good with none of the team members, showing rude and cold. In addition, the relationship of Evans also is fraught with Chris Harris and Rory Reid, two of the copresentadores that best reviews they have received. The public seems to be more of the part of LeBlanc.

it Is anticipated that the second season of Top Gear begins to be filmed in September, but if the tensions have not yet been relieved nor has taken a decision as to who will be the visible head, it is possible that the start of the recordings to be postponed. For the moment, neither the BBC nor Chris Evans have been pronounced, while the representative for Matt LeBlanc has said that “as yet nothing has been discussed or decided.”

crash of the hearings is more than evident, going from 4.4 million viewers in the first episode to 2.3 million in the fourth episode, with a contraction constant week after week.

Source – Jalopnik