Chris Harris falls for an American iron, Ford Mustang GT [video]

Normally Chris Harris is a fan of European high exotic vehicles, declaring confessed fan of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS . It is also often find comfortable behind the wheel of a McLaren 675LT, for example. But where not imagine is behind the wheel of Ford Mustang GT . And it has recently put behind the wheel of one of the new generation Mustang. A car that has surprised Chris Harris, for good. Among other things, its balanced behavior. A balanced Mustang?

Chris Harris believes Mustang performance and balance make it a bargain at the price.

Equipped with the 5.0 V8 of 418 CV , is a unit manual gearbox. First Harris praised the evolution of the car, especially indicating that it is a car that still feels American in the narrow country roads from camp UK. And it is precisely this feeling of strangeness that makes the Mustang GT into a very special car. Ford wanted to make a global product, but despite its independent rear suspension, is still able to trace their roots to the first Mustang.

Until then Chris Harris praised his gearbox and image, but you do not see particularly excited. However, it hallucinates to put the car on a circuit. With all decoupled payments, the Ford Mustang WG 5 0.0 V8 becomes unexpected drifting machine , a device created to burn wheel infinitely. And that’s when the English declared his unconditional love for this new Mustang. A car will cost just 44,000 euros in Spain. A real bargain.

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