Chris Harris, Sabine Schmitz and David Coulthard are new signings for Top Gear?

Chris Harris Citroën 2CV

Chris Harris behind the wheel of a rabid Citroën 2CV

Will be the next may 8, when Top Gear back to the television. We know that what will be in the hands of its new presenter, Chris Evans, although no more details about it. It is unknown what will be the format adopted by the renewed programme of BBC2 and, especially, if there will be copresentadores, as were James May and Richard Hammond when Jeremy Clarkson was the rooster of the barnyard.

The british newspaper The Telegraph has published an information (unconfirmed by the BBC) in which it assures that Chris Evans will be embraced in this new journey of Top Gear by faces such as those of Sabine Schmitz, Chris Harris and David Coulthard. The possibility that the expiloto of Formula 1 David Coulthard is a this trio the says another british newspaper, The Sun. This quartet could provide very good results for the new television program. The first two are the ones that sound with more force.

Sabine Schmitz

Sabine Schmitz

Sabine Schmitz, the Queen of the Nürburgring, could bring the team a experience in circuit racing and unmatched. It is one of the people who most turns given to the Nürburgring, some of them driving the BMW M5 taxi and the others in the own program of Top Gear, remembering the less than 10 minutes that it took to complete the circuit with a Ford Transit.

Chris Harris might be the most thug, the most similar to the last team of Top Gear who now works for Amazon Prime. Has had a long career as a journalist in various media of publication, and defends himself very well in front of the cameras, giving the show that we like to the lovers of the gasoline. Coulthard could also contribute its experience in competition, but on paper it seems like the character less appealing if you think of a Top Gear that might have a similar approach to that of recent years.

Source – The Telegraph