Chris Harris sentencing: this is the best test of the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and LaFerrari that you’re going to see

Chris Harris has been able to lay hand to the Holy Trinity of supercars: the McLaren P1, LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder. Although others have been advanced, none of the evidence existing until now is the degree of passion and cinema-quality who has the review of the English journalist. And this is noticeable from the first moment: all the cars have been shod with the same tire type and have monitored all of the conditions of the track so that the times are as reliable as possible.

The difference per lap between the slowest car and the fastest does not reach the 0.75 seconds.

Has been Chris Harris who has had to find the owners of some of these vehicles, with the goal of that would be captured for the comparison. marks is played by the reputation in reviews independent as he has done in a journalist in your channel, Chris Harris on Cars”. The English account in addition with two companions of luxury in this experience on the circuit of Portimao: the great Tiff Needell – Fifth Gear, and expiloto – and Marino Franchitti, a british pilot specialized in endurance racing such as Le Mans.

test Chris Harris has been in several laps of the circuit to determine in the first place the fastest lap time. The winner is the McLaren P1, very little difference at the Porsche 918 Spyder. LaFerrari is just 0.75 seconds behind. The key difference in the victory of the P1 has been your spoiler, deployed in a mode of driving is not legal on the road, but yes in circuit. With the tyres optional Pirelli Trofeo R – semi slicks are of a high caliber – increases your difference in 1.5 seconds.

Is the car most effective of the trio, but their feelings and also convince on the way to Chris Harris. The tester knows that the three cars are machines that are very special, and that all of them are impressively fast, but each kitchen their time very differently. The test continues with the impressions in vivo of each one of the three cars, a feast of planes impossible, and lots of burnt rubber that you cant lose even if you do not understand a word of English. There is also no subtitles available, unfortunately.


Ends the video of 52 minutes with a battle for several laps between the three cars, a display of riding and fun of the three british, who have clearly gone one of the best days of his life in Portugal. As a conclusion… every car is a world, and each pilot has their preferences. Tiff opted for the Ferrari abiertmente, while Harris and Franchitti are debated, without clear conclusion. Perhaps it is for this reason that there is not a winner of course, and it is better to be the owner of the three.

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