Chris Harris teaches us the new circuit from Rallycross Top Gear

Goodbye to the was Clarkson, Hammond and May. Top Gear has moved on, and the program of cars world’s most watched new cast of presenters and a new test track for their special guests. No longer will all asphalt, so it will now be a circuit Rallycross, as well teaches us this, Chris Harris.

A new era means changes, and for that the new Top Gear is different to the last that we met, many things have to change. The presenters have already done so, the format not so much, because in the end the goal is the same, but the circuit that we all know, that shall continue in force for The The Stig can continue figuring out what is the fastest car of all.

Only the celebrity go through the program they will have to face a new challenge, a circuit Rallycross. And a new car: a Mini Cooper S specially modified to be able to withstand the harsh demands of a circuit that combines soil and asphalt in equal parts.

And here is the great difficulty that involves a circuit of Rallycross, as there are that know how two surfaces are completely different. A complication that increases when it is raining. Jumps, puddles, sliding and speed. A spectacle that soon will make us forget of the past.


These five men, besides Sabine Schmitz and The Stig, will be in charge of guiding the new Top Gear

By the way, the new Top Gear has already begun, last Sunday it did. And if you still haven’t seen it, we recommend that you do. In this first chapter we saw the first two guests who had to face this test: world-famous chef, Gordon Ramsay, and american actor Jesse Eisenberg. ┬┐Who do you think that was faster?