Christian Bale will no longer be Enzo Ferrari: the “dark knight” is not willing to gain weight for health reasons

One of the film projects associated with the world of the engine that most expected was the biopic about Enzo Ferrari, a biopic that was going to have with Christian Bale (the trilogy of Batman from Nolan, The machinist, public Enemies…) for the role of Enzo, and in which it seems that finally we will not see the mentioned actor with a weight problem and that is that Bale would have refused to interpret to Enzo for the stature that the script required him to.

Bale has starred in previously, sudden changes in weight such as the extreme thinness that looked at The machinist or the overweight of The Great Scam American.

The filming of this biopic, directed by Michael Mann (public Enemies, Collateral or the series Miami Vice), apparently he was scheduled for spring, requiring him to Bale an increase of weight that the actor has not been willing to embody for health reasons.

Previously we have already seen to Bale being out diets radicals, its extreme thinness in The machinist, and the weight of The Great Scam American give a good account of it, but it seems that the actor does not want to repeat the experience and to carry out a change so sudden complexion.

we look forward to more news about it, maybe Bale to reach an agreement with Mann, it may be another charge to carry out their role. While we do not lose sight of the fact that Robert De Niro will star in a second movie of Enzo Ferrari.

Nor can we forget that on the way there would also be a film about Ferruccio Lamborghini and the other on the Group B rally.