Christian Horner, on Haas: “The Ferrari of 2015 continues to be very good”


The team Haas has been the sensation of the beginning of the season, thanks to the excellent results obtained by Romain Grosjean in the first two races of the year. The pilot is French the fifth position of the standings with 18 points after being 6th in Australia and 5th in Bahrain. This performance has not gone unnoticed by its rivals, who have pointed to the technical collaboration with Ferrari and Dallara as the main cause of their competitiveness.

In that sense, Christian Horner, Team Manager of Red Bull, he praised the american team for their successful entry into the business in a statement to Motorsport: “to Be honest, I don’t think that is a bad thing. Show that you can be competitive without having to employ 600 people or spend 200 million euros. When you see the problem of some of the equipment, although there are arguments that it is not the DNA of Formula 1, is much better have a healthy competition and to give drivers like Grosjean the opportunity, to be confined at the end of the grill.

however, Horner was a step beyond with respect to the criticism expressed to Haas to date, implying directly that the VF-16 is a carbon copy of the SF15-T. “they Were fast. His strategy worked well for them. They were aggressive, with soft compounds and three stops. a car Is solid. The Ferrari last year continues to be very good“.

in the Face of these assertions, the Team Manager of Haas, Günther Steiner, has argued that their team has adhered fully to the regulations: “In the first place, all would have to look at themselves and why they are where they are, before you criticize others. I think that the rules are the same for all. We have not done anything different from what any other can do, so I have a clear conscience on us”.

“I Think a lot of people did not expect that you did as well. And now, all of them are like, ‘wow, they’ve gone from truth’. I don’t worry about the criticism. People always criticise. I Prefer that we criticize for doing so well to feel sorry for us because we do wrong“.