Christmas lottery, the list of the purchase of the equipment of is


Christmas Lottery “The biggest prize of all is to drive it”

Dreaming is free, at least for now. And given the dates in which we are it is quite common to imagine with a few thousand euros more in the bank. The Christmas Lottery mañara dealt luck and while it may not touch us, the editorial team of we have made a list with the shopping dream. Good luck!

to 400,000 euros for the tenth, we are not greedy. This is the amount we have to spend, although as legal persons that we are, we subtract taxes and the net balance for our purchases is 320.500 euros. To make it more simple we have decided to invest this money in new cars. In a maximum of five.

So we put hands to the work, we have opened configurators officers, we have selected equipment, tires, colors, and fabrics, and the result is the following. By the way, congratulations to all the winners tomorrow. To others, we will always settle for health.

Fran Valle (@FranValle_)


Our content director Fran Valley has very clear what to do with his fortune at christmas. Far from spending all the money, its spending would go directly to a single car, allowing himself to almost 250,000 euros, using their own words: “gasoline, modifications, and fines”. A visionary or a madman, is still to be determined.

– Alpha Romero 4C): This small rocket was on the wish list of a few of us last year. Its four-cylinder engine and 240 HP is as wild as the car itself. Its reduced weight, just 900 kilograms of carbon fiber and plastics, is able to work miracles in terms of feelings is concerned.

The basic finishing, the lord Valley adds to its Alfa Romeo 4C elements such as the covering of red skin and the pack Racing. To color a basic white. anyway what you think vinilar in matt blue…so that to spend money on something that is not seen. Even so its price is 71.125 euros. To burn petrol it has been said.

Oscar Magro (@Oscar_Magro)


Oscar has finished with almost all of their money, 319.445 euros in five cars useful for all kinds of situations.” I like the car full of equipment so this is a feature common to all of them” (is not ready or nothing the young gentleman). Here goes the list:

– Smart Fortwo 90 HP Proxy with manual shift mode. Ideal for urban tours. Your choice has been top of the range, with all extras possible, including the orange wash of the body. A small plugin that has a price of 20.115 euros.

– Volkswagen Golf GTE. New technologies in command, and the Golf GTE is a good bet. More if you combine the midnight Blue, the leather Vienna and suspension adaptive, in addition to a good amount of optional elements. Your price: 47.555 euros.

– Mazda MX-5 2.0 160 HP Luxury Sport. Despite barely fits in it, Oscar continues to believe that the Mazda is your car for the fun of it. With the most powerful engine of all, and the finish highest of all, including the color Soul Red, this little gem is well worth its 31.150 € .

– Range Rover Sport HSE TDV6. Perfect for travel, spacious, luxurious and even capable off the asphalt. Your ideal setup is not the highest of all, but that includes details such as the panoramic sunroof and massaging seats. Your price: 109.360 euros.

– Posche Boxster GTS PDK. Already asked the Magi last year, and a year later this small sporting continues to be on the wish list of Oscar. Nor do we strange. Sports behavior and pure design Porsche, yes it is worth 111.265 euros.

Juanjo Delgado (@JJo_Delgado)


Very take care of yourself our friend Juanjo. It has been left up to 1,300 euros from the budget in the reserve. Do you want to invite to a dinner party? NI’m surprised not to see a convertible in your list. What happened to you Juan? You before molabas. These are your wishes:

– MINI Cooper S Clubman. Fresh out of the oven German, this is, possibly, the MINI most practical of all. It is still small, ideal for the city, although with a lot of interior space. 192 horses of pure glamour has a retail price of 30,000 euros.

– Volvo XC90 T5 AWD R-Design. Boy ready. The Volvo XC90 is the perfect mix of efficient and effective. A wise choice multifunctional. A swiss army knife that combines performance, design, luxury, and space. Although, of course, does not come out cheap, therefore the price is 74,000 euro.

– Tesla Model S 85. We return to the green car, even though we do not speak of a Prius, but a distant cousin, and improved the same, the Tesla. This jewel of technology should come with a home charger, so your price is 76,000 euros. Good choice.

– BMW i8. Jump out of a electric to a hybrid, and not a hybrid either. The BMW i8 is the first of a new generation of sports. Go which way you go, you will look, and you will envy. so Much technology and design costly. To be exact 139.200 euros.

Francisco López (@FranLopM)


From Galicia, our mate Fran López has opted for the versatility for all types of areas, although, of course, is predominantly sports. Both the more futuristic as the most modern. And of course, could not miss one of the suvs more mythical.

– Fiat 500 0.9 TwinAir. Ideal for the day-to-day and always with that touch of chic. The new Fiat 500 does not highlight for its powerful engines, but few cars as it to function in the hard coming in and going out of the city. With a few extras the price is 15.500 euros.

– Ford Mustang GT: has left the american vein to our partner. One of its models more idolised could not miss in the list. This is not a Ford Mustang either, but the version more sports the same, the GT. Your price: 52.300 euro. A bargain.

– Mercedes G350d: As we have already said one of the suvs most mythical of the world. Ideal for getaways and routes jackets. No need to go to the more powerful units of the Mercedes G-Class to be able to enjoy it, although it does not come out cheap, 103.500 euro.

– BMW i8: it Is repeated in the list, and it is not surprising. The BMW i8 is so spectacular that everyone would like to have it in your garage. technology of last generation and their performance hybrid are a great bet. Unity dreamed of our companion well worth its 148.800 euro.

Javier Gomara (@javier_gomara)


According to his own words: “The world is not ready for me to touch the euromillions”. And the truth is that we are what we believe as it has disposed of your money cool. So we will only have left over 182 euros. A list tightened to the maximum with only three cars:

– Smart Fortwo 90HP Proxy with manual shift mode. Like Oscar, the Smart is one of the choices Javier. Perfect for everyday use and to move through narrow places and find parking easily. On this occasion, would pay 19.355 euros for him.

– BMW 730d. Tremendous leap which gives our companion. A small city we went to a transatlantic router. The new BMW 7 Series comes cargadita of technology. Although it is that type of cars in the that doubt of if you lead or be led. Your price: 117.046 euros.

– Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale. Very fine the lord. Until Italy has gone on to buy their last, and most spectacular, car. A jewel with a V8 engine and presents one of the best sounds in the world of motor. It is not cheap, and it shows the 183.917 euros. Butt.

Now, what would you buy you?


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