Chronicle of a death foretold: thus ended the SUV with the minivan

The SUV triumph. Today, it is impossible to deny the evidence, that the success of cars type todocamino, SUV, crossover, and everything like that, far from being fleeting, own a fad, it will keep for many years. Without going more far, all the forecasts suggest that sales of this sort of automobiles will continue to grow until exceed, even, the figures for the segments for traditional until now triumphed in Europe. But you will be with me in that this success will bring a direct consequence very clear, to penalize those cars until a few years ago occupied the present location of the SUV in a purchase decision. And in effect are minivans those who are suffering. And the best example we have in the evolution followed by the two products are very specific, the Renault Scénic and a Peugeot 3008.

there Was a time in the minivan-emerged as the ideal alternative for families, and even as a solution to crisis. Minivans offer space, modularity, and versatility, with a very tight budget. Today are SUVS, and all sorts of crossover, they’ve managed to capitalize on that space until now occupied by minivans.

SUVS have conquered the buyers, are becoming more practical, comfortable, and the problems inherent in its size and its proportions have been mitigating, making the differences with any tourism to be increasingly lower. The suvs are still being sold, but their place in the rankings of registrations in Spain have been occupying products such as the Nissan Qashqai or Renault Capture.

What alternative have mpvs on the european scene? Simply, to be renewed or die.


One of the best examples we have in one of the models most representative of its category, the Renault Scénic. The Renault Scénic, the minivan French par excellence, has received a generational change in the that have been applied to many of the key traditional SUV. Renault has sought a design of defenses robust, high-waist, and even has opted for an aesthetic similar to that estrenase the Renault Capture, your crossover smaller.

The strategy of Renault, it has led, even, to opt for some 20″ wheels as standard across the range. A tire size more typical of an SUV, large dimensions of a compact mpv. And that decision, much less, is casual.

so that the boom of the SUV in Renault has taken a decision to all lights appropriate, you get your minivan reference is enough, as far as possible, to an SUV.


The case of Peugeot 3008 is still more striking. The first Peugeot 3008 was born as a sort of minivan that was soon oriented towards the philosophy crossover, animated above all by options in the range of aspect more campero, and even a hybrid version and a diesel with four-wheel drive. And it has been now, in this its second generation, the Peugeot 3008 has been unchecked aesthetic and virtually the rest of the Peugeot range to get a position, now, as an SUV full right.

so that it could be said that Peugeot, in some measure, and before the rise of the SUV, has also taken an appropriate decision in business terms. The decision to move away completely to the Peugeot 3008 of your initial concept minivan into an SUV.