Chrysler 300 Super S, matt blue for the SEMA

chrysler-300-super-s (3)This edition of the SEMA is taking to much. And is that not stop reaching preparations of the many, many automotive companies who see in this event a oscasión perfect to give free rein to their imagination. In this case, the brand that dares the tuning is Chrysler, a company that brings us a version with a lot of power in his famous 300. In this way is born the Chrysler 300 Super S, a model that is not miss personality of gentleman but looking for a side thug.

The body of the sedan has undergone a true transformation, thanks to elements like the exterior paint matt blue that combines perfectly with black details such as the massive wheels, 22-inch in the design of the seven rays or the roof has also been completed in this color. In this tone-on-tone highlights the calender adorned by bright parts or the optical, which have been darkened to give a little more scared.

chrysler-300-super-sin Addition to these exterior accessories, we look at a body stooped, they also have interior items that we can not see but if we know it. The brand says that the cabin becomes more of a sport by means of sport seats in gray leather with contrasting stitching blue and embroidery of the mark, a steering wheel of new invoice and auctions in the door with the back of the emblem of the american company. In the same way the shift selector has a new design and the rugs are exclusive to this version.

For the engine Chrysler has also reserved time. Beneath the bowels of the 300 Super’s are hiding a V8 5.7 HEMI that has been enhanced to produce 75 horse power and 59 Nm of torque more. Among its updates, highlights the introduction of new exhaust manifolds or catalysts of high performance.

chrysler-300-super-s (1)Source – Chrysler