Chrysler and Lancia resists leaving Europe with Ypsilon


Chrysler-Ypsilon N othing lasts forever, not even car brands, but as a symbol of Italian industry as it is practically vanishes Lancia Ypsilon leaving only Italians are indignant when he realized as gradually disappears its automotive heritage .

Lancia had a sort of second life just five years ago they began to be marketed under any Italian brand of Chrysler models. But this project has not yielded the expected results, to the point that the American brand has announced its withdrawal from Great Britain 2017.

Clearly something was not working in marriage Lancia-Chrysler held in 2010. Both brands are destined to disappear from the dealers of the Old Continent, with the exception of Lancia Ypsilon It will be marketed only in Italy , at least until they can stretch the commercial life of the current generation.

What most people ask is how FCA has reached this point and has done nothing to save at least Lancia. The main causes are certainly the resources made by FCA in the American market, which meant higher sales of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM.

In this context, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles decided to withdraw the products from the Chrysler brand in the UK from 2017 and Karl Howkins , general manager of the company in the region he said that all dealers Chrysler British were notified this week of the decision.

According to the executive, the factors that led to this decision were mainly the low number of cars sold in the UK and new CO2 emission standards established in Europe, difficult to be reached by the main models portfolio Chrysler.

further assured that it is more important to focus on the new Jeep Renegade, since sales volume will be considerably higher . In addition, there are new models Alfa Romeo and Fiat next to come to market that will require further attention. Along the way, Lancia dies in silence .


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