Chrysler Pacifica: this is the future of the great minivan, according to its creator

Both Chrysler as Renault are vying for the invention of the great minivan. Their Voyager and Espace were released just months apart, in a time in which both companies had commercial ties and financial. Be that as it may, the consensus favors more Chrysler, as the inventor of a segment of the market that – despite having been trampled by the crossovers – remains very strong in countries such as the US, The new Chrysler Pacifica is the great new minivan from Chrysler, the future standard of the industry.

Rescuing a name atypical for the successor of the Voyager

in Addition to the Pacifica standard, Chrysler will offer a Hybrid, the first large mpv plug-in.

The Chrysler Pacifica was a great crossover launched in the mid of the last decade by Chrysler in one of its times business darker. An interesting product, maybe ahead of your time, but aesthetically complicated and riddled with quality defects. Chrysler rescues the name of Pacifica to replace his veteran Town&Country, in the line of succession directly from the family Voyager. The new Chrysler Pacifica retains the dimensions of the Town&Country, but it uses a new platform and comes loaded with technology.

chrysler-pacifica-2016-27Aesthetically ties with the Chrysler 200 are clear. The front of the car has a marked air of family, soft lines and vintage details. Many chrome, and wheels up to 20 inches in versions top-line. Chrysler abandons the low cost of its Town&Country – one of the great minivans cheaper in the u.s. market – and it gives the Pacifica a air almost premium. The car has a aura technology in its interior, and overall looks of the car very cool, modern-looking and anything retro.

In Europe, Lancia could sell this minivan, but would have to mount a diesel engine in its belly.

inside we have the typical configuration of seven seats spread over three rows. As in the Town&Country, the seats have the same system, “Stow’n’go”, which hides under the floor of the car, creating a flat surface load. The interior is more spacious than in the Town&Country, and also much more technology and better finish. Follow the traditional configuration of a large central console, with a multitude of holes to store items and a roulette as a lever for change auto.


The infotainment system in the Chrysler Pacifica is one of its strong points. It is a Uconnect of last generation, connected to the Internet and a multitude of apps – let us say the price of fuel or billboards nearby – accessible from its 8.4 inch touch screen. In the squares in the rear, Uconnect Theater allows the installation of screens up to 10 inches for the cherubim have the trip in peace. In addition, a premium audio system is optional and standard features active noise cancellation.

His system of cameras in 360-degrees is almost a must in a vehicle that was almost five metres of length.

The Chrysler Pacifica launches a new platform, engine front cross-sectional. The engine is the known 3.6 V6 Pentastar direct injection, associated to an automatic gearbox 8 relations. The engine has a few more correct 287 HP, that move with ease the 1.950 pounds that it weighs. It may seem and it is a heavy car, but it is 150 kilos lighter than its predecessor. Of series, equipped with an advanced suite of active safety systems: control of vehicle in blind spot or car park piloted.


Pacifica Hybrid: the first great minivan hybrid

The novelty of the range Pacifica is the Pacifica Hybrid. It is the first great minivan plug-in hybrid. Your engine 3.6 V6 has been softened up to the 248 BHP, and is combined with an electric motor that drinks energy from a battery of 16 kWh of capacity. The combustion engine adopts the efficient Atkinson cycle, and in mode 100% electric, the car can travel up to 50 kilometres. Your batteries are charged in two hours using a plug-conventional – in Europe, not in USA – 240-volt.

With this hybrid train, the car approves a consumption of 2.94 l/100 km, although we know that it is a combined figure not realistic. Cosmetically, the Pacifica Hybrid has special rims 17 inch and 18-inch with tyres with a low coefficient of friction and introducing specific colors. If we are observant, we will see a charging port on the front flap. At the level of the interior and practicality does not present changes with respect to the Pacifica and retains its two sliding electric doors, one of its most practical details.


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