Chrysler will stay in Australia until the year 2018, for the moment

Chrysler 300 2015 restyling

don’t know what is going on in Australia with its automotive sector. Until a few years ago the brands of cars they saw cost effective to get to Oceania, however, it seems that its profitability is not as good as you thought. Brands as important as Ford, Toyota or General Motors have decided to close their factories to import from now on your models. This situation has made the local market begins to lose his models and most emblematic brands.

As an example, we have the future Holden Commodore will be our Opel Insignia Grand Sport. However, the australians seem to have a ray of hope in terms of brands and iconic models is concerned. The Group Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) and is very unobtrusive on the big island and, although their presence also in danger, it seems that they will withstand more than initially thought.

Chrysler 300 2015 restyling

As we all know Chrysler 300 (our extinct Lancia Thema) is sold in Australia in configuration propulsion rear (not specified if have version to the four wheels) and blocks gasoline V6 and V8. It seems that the island police would be interested in acquiring a lot important units of this great sedan for patrolling their roads against crime. With this acquisition, this armed force would withdraw to their old Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore.

According to Steve Zanlunghi, head of FCA in Australia, the group has to review all its operations and businesses because not all are equally profitable. In addition, it points out that Chrysler finally stay until the end of the year 2018, when your out of the country was planned for the end of 2017. With this decision, the brand takes a bit of oxygen in this market, so that the 300 gives a boost to your sales.

While it brightens the continuity of the firm and the Group FCA in Australia its responsible are looking the possibility of introduce new models. The idea is to study how the marketplace evolves and if the profitability of the business improve now that the other brands are leaving the country.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)

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