Ciaron Pilbeam, chief engineer of McLaren, is going back to Renault


Renault has already made his intentions clear when it acquired Lotus twelve months ago and, now, after his first season of competition after his return to Formula 1, begins to show signs of recovery.

2016 it has not been profitable on a sporting level as a result of the precarious conditions existing on the computer by the serious economic difficulties experienced by Lotus. Many employees left and, when Renault came in and started contact with staff to expand the template, and start to reorganize, many did not trust that was a team with a future.

in spite of that, Renault has hired Nico Hülkenberg as driver holder for 2017 and has increased in a 20% your template, Between the new hires figure Ciaron Pilbeam, until now Chief Engineer of track in the McLaren, and that will play the same position at Renault next season.


Rob White will be taking on more responsibilities within the Renault team.

Renault has also announced the appointment of Rob White as Director of Operations in Enstone (based on the who conceived the car), leaving therefore the charge of Technical Director, which until now played in Viry-Chatillon (headquarters conceives of the engine).

Cyril Abiteboul, which has revealed that the team has acquired new tools and machinery and is undertaking an expansion of 800 square feet in the headquarters in Enstone, has declared that Renault “has been recruiting staff over the year and have been incorporated throughout the season. Our goal is to make a quality work, but we require a significant amount of staff at Enstone to grow to a level that allows us to fight against teams pointers. As part of this, I am happy to confirm that we have two appointments to the senior management of Enstone with Rob White coming from Viry-Chatillon as Director of Operations and Ciaron Pilbeam, returning as Chief Engineer Career”.