Citroën Advisor, customer opinion matters

citroen-advisor-1Citroën has made it clear that the purpose of a car manufacturer is not restricted to selling their vehicles. The French brand also wants to ‘pamper’ to the client and to do this launch a new tool that receives the name of Citroën Advisor. Thanks to the technology have managed to develop an innovative system, unheard until now, among other manufacturers, and that will serve to increase confidence of the client.

Under the slogan “be different, feel good” we have this platform that is not in the simple fact of selling the car, but in what is behind the process. It is a relationship more complete with the user, with the purpose that you are able to maintain true to the brand. This process began long ago with the program Citroën & You, but is now with Citroën Advisor when it reaches a new dimension.

citroen-advisor-3Its operation is simple and easy. Basically, it consists in giving the opportunity to the client to review according to their experience with the services of the brand. In this way all those who acquire a Automobile or that they take it to repair in one of the center official, may enter on the web to tell how has been the process. This will generate a feedback beneficial for the brand and for potential buyers.

we Say that is a benefit to the brand because they to react to negative comments in order to improve the service by giving you a personalized and solving the problem. To potential customers because they help you make a decision in the future, taking the real-life experiences of other users. In addition, the ease of review of the platform. in The style of TripAdvisor it is sufficient with a score from 1 to 5 and a brief review.

citroen-advisor-2Citroën Advisor has been implemented in the whole network of showrooms and workshops from a year ago. Now 100% of the network already provides this service to the views to be customized for each one of them. Within these, on the one hand there are the reviews of sales and the other workshop. This way the comments bad will be sent directly to the centre to which they correspond, and they themselves will give you solution.

Until now, Citroën gave some after sales services among which were the agreement with the client in the event of a contingency in the repair, return the vehicle clean after its passage by the workshop, call the client within 24 hours in the event of dissatisfaction or a phone support 24 hours a day, 365 days for vehicles with less than 8 years. With the Advisor completes the experience and provides a differential value to the customer.

Concesionario CitroënIn the year that has been in operation have been already received 19.981 comments in total. After the step by moderation have been published 18.051 of them, around 90%. It is noteworthy that the role of the moderator is to avoid inappropriate language or preserve the law of data (customers that give names of workers), and in any case, are deleted the negative opinions.

If we take a look at the statistics we see that of the 2,000 comments that are recorded to the month, there are most of the are for workshop. The logical explanation is that there are many more repairs that sales of new vehicles. But percentages win these last since that tends to give your opinion 10% of the customers to buy a car while only 5% of those that lead to repair it. The percentages also vary depending on the dealer.

The reception of a tool such as the Citroën Advisor, which allows you to give the opinion to the client with total freedom, it is always a symptom of concern in the mark. However, the results are still very good and you’re getting a note from 4,91/5 between deliveries of new vehicles and a 4,73/5 for the attention in after-sales. It seems that the manufacturer has achieved its mission and will continue betting in the future by the “transparency for gaining trust”.