Citroën and the drama of the approvals in the JWRC


The management of Citroen in the JWRC can be considered good. However, there are already two times that the French manufacturer commits blunders with the approval. As if this system does not go with the signature gala, in just a year have been found in two notable irregularities in the components of a DS3 R3T. Interestingly, both of these have coincided with rallies held in gaul, and although on this occasion the pilots of the JWRC have not been disqualified, Citroën Racing will have to bear a fine of 30,000 euros, that will teach a good lesson.

In the past, Tour de Corse, the Citroën DS3 R3T Max rode a water pump not approved in place of the electric water pump of the production model. A case that has been transferred to the commissioners technical Rally RACC Catalunya, which have been categorical. All units of the Junior WRC should go back to using the original pump on the Rally RACC, as the approval was not received by the FIA due to an error. Quentin Gilbert keeps his title as the pilots of the JWRC participants in the Tour de Corse have been penalized with 60 minutes. The internal order is identical.

This problem with the type-approval and a fine of 30,000 euros remember the episode lived a year ago in the Rally of France-Alsace. In this test all the drivers in the JWRC were disqualified, while maintaining the results within the category and Stéphane Lefebvre continued as champion of the Junior WRC. On that occasion, Citroën made a mistake in the tab approval, so that the action of the camshaft was not correct. Since then, Citroën Racing was fined 10,000 euros. In short, Citroën and the approvals do not carry anything well.

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