Citroën and the near future: back to the roots


The identity of Citroën will be the comfort and well-being, with designs unconventional. As has explained the director of strategy Mathieu Bellamy said in an interview with Automotive News. Citroën began to reinvent itself as of 2014, when DS was granted independence.

The reinvention happens by a back to the roots, in which the design was a differential factor and moving away from the conventions. The first model that came out of this philosophy was the C4 Cactus. In fact, their “Airbumps” are going to see on more models in the future.

from 2016, we will see a new release every year, and these releases have very little to do -in the words of Bellamy – with their equivalents in competing brands. The replacement of C4 and C5 will be quirky and unconventional.


face-to attract buyers young people to the brand, Citroën is closer to them through social networks, given that buying decisions are increasingly made more within the home. He also said that Citroën will be a mark more transparent, eliminating secrets, allowing more customers to see how it works in the dealers or the factories.

with Respect to the technological innovation, while waiting for the plug-in hybrids -that will be – will respect the decisions of the public if the diesel engines are removed. Bellamy pointed out that although the diesel engines are of a better technology, they do not go against the wishes of the people. Less evil that the ranges of gasoline engines have been modernised.

In a nutshell, Citroën will be a brand affordable and generalist, focused on providing products aconvencionales with imaginative solutions to stand out from their competitors. Gone are the days of offering products of aspirations higher, with designs more standardized. The imagination will have two chevrones by flag.