Citroën AX: will be the 30th anniversary of the birth of the surrogate of the Visa and 2CV

Without a doubt, we are before one of the icons
car of the decade of the 80’s and 90’s in Spain. The Citroën AX, a vehicle that, although to day of today can be found
with some ease on our roads, we are faced with a model that has already been
he has done “everything adult” because
the 30th anniversary of his birth
. Emerged with the difficult goal of
replace the Citroën Visa and 2CV, the AX was the result of the oil crisis
of 1979 and in a context in which the prices of the fuels were

Citroën AX - 30 aniversario

will Be the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Citroën AX.

Citroën has put hands to the work to give response to a need for mobility with the power to create a car practical, dynamic and that, in a nutshell, to reduce to a minimum the consumption of fuel without having to give up performance to be acceptable. Was anticipated through the Citroën ECO 2000 Concept at the Paris motor show 1984, a prototype that it showed a consumption of 2 liters per 100 km traveling at a constant speed of 90 miles while it was capable of reaching a maximum speed of 140 km/h.

Two years later, and in the same scenario (Paris motor show of 1986), the Citroën AX was presented in society. Betting on an aesthetic breakthrough with the pattern followed by Citroen up to date, another of the main features of the small AX was its aerodynamics, with a Cx of 0.31. weight, located between the 640 Kg and 695 Kg, was able to offer a consumption really reduced without sacrificing a good performance.

Its interior offered a space optimized with a trunk of 273 litres. Despite its compact dimensions, the interior was very spacious. In relation to subparagraph (mechanical, the arrival of the Citroën AX came from the hand of the new gasoline engine of four cylinders. In addition, in the year 1993, the brand launched a variant power used nickel-cadmium batteries.

Citroën AX Exclusive de 1992

Citroen AX Exclusive of 1992.

Between the years 1986 and 1998 were manufactured 2.425.138 units of the Citroën AX, of which, 812.951 were “Made In Spain” because they were produced in the factory of the brand in Vigo. A third of the total. And speaking of Spain, in our market the Citroën AX was a success as they as well say, in just two years (1986 to 1988) passed from a market share of 5.2% to 7.6%. In 1988, he received the award of “Car of the Year”, along with the introduction of new versions and finishes, more equipped able to create the cocktail perfect success.

Citroën AX: the small of a thousand faces

During its commercial life, were manufactured and arrived at the dealers numerous versions of AX. In 1987, a year after its commercial launch, was introduced the version of the aesthetic is more sport under the label “Sport”. With its mechanical 95 HP, and its weight of only 720 kilograms, was able to reach 186 km/h of maximum speed. It remains today one of the models most requested in the world of the rallies.

on the other hand, in 1988, 140 young people from several european countries, assembled in Citroën AX red they travelled 4,500 km through the lands of the chinese, one of the milestones to be remembered in the history of the AX.

Citroën AX Electrique de 1993

Citroën AX Electrique of 1993.